There is a buzz and a flapping in the air!

Great news, the final designs for both the Bee Bright Bee Hotel and Crazy Daisy Butterfly Box are approved!

Both are not just a pretty design but are serious habitats to a serious declining clientele.

The Bee Hotel contains 5 layers X 3 different size opening nesting channels for solitary pollinators, internal front wire mesh to protect against predators, bottom drainage holes, opening lid for annual cleaning and all mounting hardware.

The Butterfly box also has bottom drainage holes, all mounting hardware, opening lid for annual cleaning and a unique internal back roosting mesh made from soft fabric so not to harm the wings of these endangered beauties.

Lets do our bit!


Modern Flower Box & Herb Garden Box Approved!

After multiple dye and ink changes, I have at last approved the final design for both the Modern Flower Box and Herb Garden.

Both products are printed on all outer and inside surfaces, which is important especially if they are mounted on glass balconies.

Did I happen to mention that the Modern Flower Box comes with 3 impregnated wildflower seed mats so you can grow your own wildflowers to attract both bees and butterflies to your garden or balcony?

The Hippie Heaven Herb Garden also includes 8 different popular herb seed tapes and matching signs. Put it in your kitchen, put it on your fence or put it on your balcony, just grow baby grow!

Lets get planting!


Helping Buglife save the planet…

When investigating on how to build a better bird house, I wanted not only to offer superior products that are currently on offer but also a” product with a conscious”.

For every retail sale of any Pop-Up Garden product, a wholesale royalty will automatically go to the International Charity Buglife (

You can also record your butterfly and bee “residents” on the special Buglife website to give us valuable information on our bug friends. Click here to find out more and register.

But there’s more, Buglife has offered Pop-Up Garden the opportunity for their retailer(s) to be involved in the support and conservation through BugLife’s Corporate Investor in Nature Programme.

So the more Pop-Up Garden product the retailer buys, the more support BugLife can offer them through joint press releases, team building days, use of the Buglife logo and free BugLife membership for all their staff and more!

It’s all good!


pop up bird house designer series

Launch of Designer Series

Hey Dudes, tired of the same old “Twee” bird houses? Let’s get “Funky”!

Pop-Up Garden has launched a Limited Addition of 4 Designer Bird Houses that will just blow you away!

These babies are great for inner city balconies and flats with small gardens. Definitely for the consumer who appreciates style with function.

And there’s more! The Designer Series and all Pop-Up bird houses have 3 metal front hole predator plates including screws, with 3 different sized openings (25mm, 32mm & 40mm).

Why different sized openings? Well some of our feathered friends prefer different sized holes, which allow you to attract different types of bird species to your balcony or garden.

Still more! All Pop-Up bird houses include all mounting hardware for balconies, trees, poles or fences and have a front inside fabric climbing mesh for the chicks to get out and party!

How groovy is that!


pop-up bird house designer series

Product Development

After 6 months and 7 dye changes, Bill has now approved the perfected Pop-Up Garden Bird House! If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

At Pop-Up Garden we wont except “second best” or “good enough” and when you re-invent an existing product better, you just have to get it right.

Pop-Up Garden’s dedicated design and sample department have spent many hours getting it just right.

But wait to you see what they have done with the Bee Hotel, Butterfly Box, Flower Box and Herb Garden!

Oops… almost forgot the Nature Series it’s just awesome! Well-done guys!