Nature Series Launch

For those shy and faint-hearted creatures who just want to blend, Pop-Up Garden has introduced a Limited Addition of 4 Nature Series Bird Houses. The series will comprise of 4 natural looking designs that will blend in any garden, park or forest. The Pop-Up Nature Series gives you all the appeal of a traditional bird house but with he benefits of the Pop-Up Garden design and function.

What’s your favorite?


Going coco-nuts for social media

Pop-Up Garden has combined forces with the social media marketing company Coconut Box

We look forward to growing our businesses together and watch this space… better yet… keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages!!

There is a buzz and a flapping in the air!

Great news, the final designs for both the Bee Bright Bee Hotel and Crazy Daisy Butterfly Box are approved!

Both are not just a pretty design but are serious habitats to a serious declining clientele.

The Bee Hotel contains 5 layers X 3 different size opening nesting channels for solitary pollinators, internal front wire mesh to protect against predators, bottom drainage holes, opening lid for annual cleaning and all mounting hardware.

The Butterfly box also has bottom drainage holes, all mounting hardware, opening lid for annual cleaning and a unique internal back roosting mesh made from soft fabric so not to harm the wings of these endangered beauties.

Lets do our bit!


Modern Flower Box & Herb Garden Box Approved!

After multiple dye and ink changes, I have at last approved the final design for both the Modern Flower Box and Herb Garden.

Both products are printed on all outer and inside surfaces, which is important especially if they are mounted on glass balconies.

Did I happen to mention that the Modern Flower Box comes with 3 impregnated wildflower seed mats so you can grow your own wildflowers to attract both bees and butterflies to your garden or balcony?

The Hippie Heaven Herb Garden also includes 8 different popular herb seed tapes and matching signs. Put it in your kitchen, put it on your fence or put it on your balcony, just grow baby grow!

Lets get planting!


Product Development

After 6 months and 7 dye changes, Bill has now approved the perfected Pop-Up Garden Bird House! If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

At Pop-Up Garden we wont except “second best” or “good enough” and when you re-invent an existing product better, you just have to get it right.

Pop-Up Garden’s dedicated design and sample department have spent many hours getting it just right.

But wait to you see what they have done with the Bee Hotel, Butterfly Box, Flower Box and Herb Garden!

Oops… almost forgot the Nature Series it’s just awesome! Well-done guys!


Going off with a bang (or a pop!)

Pop-Up Garden Launch at the Garden Press Event Is an Overwhelming Success!

On February 16th, 2017 Pop-Up Garden officially launched its Designer and Nature Series of Wildlife Habitats, Herb Gardens and Flower Boxes at the 2017 Garden Press Event at the Barbican in London.

In attendance was over 330 plus garden journalists, bloggers and editors, the cream of the garden scene in the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe.

Billy Reilly, Director and founder of Pop-Up Garden has never had a more positive reaction to any product launch in his 30 years as an entrepreneur.

Being the new boy on the block to the UK garden industry and with the Pop-Up product being very edgy in comparison to the more traditional garden products, I was a bit worried to be honest on what the feedback might be.

The response was overwhelming positive and reaffirmed that there is a new younger generation of gardeners who want cool and funky alternatives to the status quo.

To quote a young garden blogger, “finally someone is addressing our age group” and “this is garden art and I would put one of your bird houses in my back yard and I’m not even into birds, very cool”.

Pop-Up Garden is going to be an International programme and is now in the throws of setting up International production and distribution.

Billy Reilly

Pop-Up Garden

the garden press event pop up garden

Pop-Up Garden will be at The Garden Press Event

Pop-Up Garden Confirms Booth at The Garden Press Event
London Barbican Exhibition Centre, Thursday 16th February 2017

This event is by invitation only to journalists, broadcasters and press in the Gardening & Home Interest Media.

Pop-Up Garden will be exhibiting and officially launching the new 2017 range of Designer Series & Nature Series Bird Houses, Bee Hotels, Butterfly Boxes, Flower Boxes and Herb Garden products.

Also manning the booth will be a representative from the Wildlife Charity Buglife who officially endorses all Pop-Up Garden products.

See you there!