Helping Buglife save the planet…

When investigating on how to build a better bird house, I wanted not only to offer superior products that are currently on offer but also a” product with a conscious”.

For every retail sale of any Pop-Up Garden product, a wholesale royalty will automatically go to the International Charity Buglife (

You can also record your butterfly and bee “residents” on the special Buglife website to give us valuable information on our bug friends. Click here to find out more and register.

But there’s more, Buglife has offered Pop-Up Garden the opportunity for their retailer(s) to be involved in the support and conservation through BugLife’s Corporate Investor in Nature Programme.

So the more Pop-Up Garden product the retailer buys, the more support BugLife can offer them through joint press releases, team building days, use of the Buglife logo and free BugLife membership for all their staff and more!

It’s all good!