Launch of Designer Series

Hey Dudes, tired of the same old “Twee” bird houses? Let’s get “Funky”!

Pop-Up Garden has launched a Limited Addition of 4 Designer Bird Houses that will just blow you away!

These babies are great for inner city balconies and flats with small gardens. Definitely for the consumer who appreciates style with function.

And there’s more! The Designer Series and all Pop-Up bird houses have 3 metal front hole predator plates including screws, with 3 different sized openings (25mm, 32mm & 40mm).

Why different sized openings? Well some of our feathered friends prefer different sized holes, which allow you to attract different types of bird species to your balcony or garden.

Still more! All Pop-Up bird houses include all mounting hardware for balconies, trees, poles or fences and have a front inside fabric climbing mesh for the chicks to get out and party!

How groovy is that!


pop-up bird house designer series