Customised Products

Do you have an upcoming event or promotion?
Why not boost your brand presence whilst giving nature a helping hand at the same time.

All of the Pop-Up Garden products are customisable, allowing you to add a logo, branding, photos or any other colour you like.

You could cover a birdhouse in your own logo, photograph your office or house and make a mini replica, put a character on a bee hotel, the only limitation is your own imagination.

Minimum orders for each product are required, if you’re interested and would like to get in touch, head on over to our contact us page and drop us a line!

Your Pop-Up garden

Put your logo or your own pattern on any of our products

Step 1

Choose a blank product you would like to personalise

Step 2

Send us your logo or pattern with your order details

Step 3

We print and deliver to you ready to give nature a home!

Contact us to find out more